Product Description

We are one of the largest Manufactures and Distributors Nationwide of Bodykits, Hoods Vertical doors, Concept Cars, we custom make anything of Fiberglass, FiberFlex or Carbon Fiber, and more!

Contact us Email: www.phantomcf1@gmail.com

Mailing Address: Phantom CF1 420 S. Irwindale Ave. Azusa, CA. 91702

Phone: (626) 205-1591

Business hours: Monday-Friday 10:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. pacific time

WARRANTY! Please hand-fit and inspect thoroughly all items before mounting or installing. Most items have pre-drill markings meaning, you have to drill the holes before installation. Items which are considered bolt- on become bolt-on once you open the pre-drill marking for installation. Any item that has been mounted, modified, painted, or installed is considered bought, and non-refundable.

Warranty/Liability: All products sold by Phantom CF1 are sold "as is" to the buyer. Phantom CF1 promotes no warranty, either expressed or implied, for any product or property purchased directly or indirectly through this server. Any complaints must be registered with the seller. Some images may be slightly different from the actual body kit. Images may also resemble other manufacturer’s body kits, but are not to be confused. The ideas and concepts portrayed in this web site do not reflect on any other manufacturer outside of Phantom CF1. Some products are for off road use only and are not intended for street use. Phantom CF1 is not liable for any damages or injury as a result of these products. Due to strict regulations by the DMV, some of these products are not approved for street/highway use.

Performance Parts, Hoods, fenders, spoilers, bumpers, any Fiberglass, FiberFlex, Fiberglass/FiberFlex items, carbon fiber parts, or any custom item parts, accessories and Body Kits are SOLD AS IS WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY. There is no warranty implied or stated due to the intended use and purpose of performance parts, hoods, fenders, spoilers, bumpers, any Fiberglass, FiberFlex, Fiberglass/FiberFlex items, carbon fiber parts, or any other items parts, accessories and Body Kits. While every effort is made to provide any and all necessary technical information and assistance, we claim no responsibility and have no control over owner installation, modification, and unusual stress that performance parts, hoods, fenders, spoilers, bumpers, any Fiberglass, FiberFlex, Fiberglass/FiberFlex items, carbon fiber parts, or any other items parts, accessories and Body Kits are subjected to.

Shipping Policy: All orders will be shipped via the most economical method chosen by Phantom CF1. Unless otherwise specified by the customer prior to the date of shipment. Oversized merchandise is required to ship Freight. In that case, the preferred method of freight is Greyhound and will be shipped to the nearest station and at that point Phantom CF1 assumes no responsibility of the product. The buyer will be responsible to pick up the item from the station No cancellation is allowed once the items have been shipped. If the package is refused upon delivery, customer will be charged the full amount, the total inbound and outbound shipping cost, plus 35% restocking fee. All international buyers are responsible for customer duty and tax. Shipping and handling cost vary depending on the shipping company. International and over sea orders should expect higher shipping charges. Shipping charges are considered non-refundable even with returned items.

Please allow 2 to 3 weeks for delivery on the order. Orders paid by check, are held an additional week, or until check is cleared by bank or financial institution. Phantom CF1 will NOT ship to P.O. Boxes, only physical addresses.

Shipping Damages: Once a package leaves our warehouse, it is out of our control for any shipping damages. As a courtesy, all shipments, to the buyer, contain insurance that is included in the shipping costs. Please inspect all packages immediately in the presence of the delivery person. The buyer assumes all responsibility for determining the suitability of the product. DO NOT sign delivery receipt until all packages have been inspected. Buyer’s signature acknowledges that the package has been inspected and that there are no damages. In the case if damage occurred, please specify the damage on the delivery bill and have the delivery person sign it as verification. DO NOT return the item without prior approval from Phantom CF1, since any damage claim may justifiably be denied. If the damage is not readily apparent at the time of arrival, then it must be reported to the shipping company at the time of attempted delivery, due to the insurance on the order it will conclude at the end of the delivery Retain all packaging materials as the package may be subject to further inspection. Call Phantom CF1 immediately, so we can assist in filing a shipping damage claim with the shipping company. After inspecting the damaged merchandise, the shipping company will determine whether to pay for repair costs or replacement value of the damaged goods. Replacement value or repair cost is not negotiable. Damage value is a discretionary amount that can be negotiated with the shipping company. All disputes as to the settlement amount or manner should be addressed with the shipping company. Under no circumstances Phantom CF1 shall be liable for the damaged merchandise and/or for subsequent settlement of the claim with the shipping company.

Defective Items: All items are inspected thoroughly before packing and shipping; however, occasionally an item may be found to be defective. The buyer assumes the entire risk as to quality and performance parts. In the event such parts prove defective following their purchase and installation, the buyer, NOT Phantom CF1, assumes the entire cost of any necessary servicing, repair, or replacement. Phantom CF1 is NOT responsible for any direct or indirect, actual or accidental expenses attributable to the use of any performance parts, or to delay any inconvenience caused by the necessity of repairing or replacing performance parts. The buyer is responsible for all shipping charges.

Products deemed defective may be considered for replacement at the manufacturer’s discretion. This does not include damage from shipping. Please complete our Return Merchandise Authorization Form (RMA), within 30 calendar days from the date order was place or 14 days of order delivered. Please attach any photos of the defective item(s) to your application for our review. An associate will contact you via phone or email. Due to prior cases of improper storage, handling, and/or fraud we ask all Return Merchandise Authorizations Forms (RMA), be completed within 30 calendar days of the date the order is place or 14 days of order delivered, NO EXEPTIONS. We reserve the right to ask for additional required information once the form is submitted. As soon as the requested information is received, we will process the claim. Please allow 7 business days for review and approval. Phantom CF1 claims the right to deny any RMA, due to insufficient evidence of defect or any other deemed fit reason. Damaged products are not considered defective.

Special Orders, Custom Orders, Closeouts, and Clearance Items: Special orders, clearance items, and closeouts items are not cancelable and are not returnable or refundable. Any special order is made in-house and customized to the buyer’s request. All special orders require a nonrefundable deposit of the total costs before production may start. No cancellation, refunds, exchange, or credit on special custom made orders. NO EXCEPTIONS will be made. Phantom CF1 will not be responsible for any late shipments. All shipping dates given are approximate and are subject to change given on the workload of the warehouse. The buyer shall not be entitled to chargebacks, price reductions, or any other compensation as a result of late shipment or failure to deliver in estimated time of delivery. Phantom CF1 reserves the right to hold the order and not ship until the balance of the purchase is paid in full. If the order is left over 30 days from time the warehouse completing the order; and buyer has not made any attempts to claim their order, the order will then be considered canceled and all payments previously deposited shall be forfeited to Phantom CF1. The sales rep will inform the buyer of any special or custom orders which Phantom CF1 fabricates as per order.

Returns, Exchanges and Refunds: Buyer may return any common stock item(s) for a refund, credit, or exchange by completing the Return Merchandise Authorization Form (RMA) within 30 calendar days from the date order was place or 14 days of order delivered. Phantom CF1 must approve all returns prior to being returned. A Return Merchandise Authorization Form (RMA), must be filled out completely and approved prior to any return. A Return Merchandise Authorization number (RMA number) will be issued to the buyer once the RMA form has been approved. The RMA number must be on the outside of the return package. All packages will be refused if no RMA number is on the shipping label NO EXCEPTIONS. Any other fees will be at the buyer’s expense. A copy of the original invoice must be included with all returned merchandise. In-stock items must be returned and received by Phantom CF1 within 7 calendar days with Phantom CF1 approval. Special or Custom Orders cannot be returned. All general returns are subject to a 35% restocking and cancelation fee. The restocking and cancelation fee is obtained and due for merchandise handling and shipping costs at the time of processing buyer’s order. Any general returns or cancellations will be credited only after the item(s) are in Phantom CF1’s possession. Shipping and handling charges are NOT REFUNDABLE to the buyer. There is no return policy for any parts that have been used, modified, painted, or installed, NO EXCEPTIONS. All returned items must be unused, unaltered, and unpainted condition. Refund on the purchase is given only after the product has arrived at Phantom CF1 Warehouse. When buyer orders the wrong products, Phantom CF1 will take no fault. If exchanging for a different item, we will exchange and ship the product only after we have received the original item(s) ordered. Exchanges will only be accepted with a justifiable excuse that must be stated on the RMA. Restocking fees will apply to the returned item. All returnable items must be carefully packed in its original packaging and returned with its original Invoice and shipping label. Buyer is advised to insure the returned goods for their full value for their own protection; otherwise, neither Phantom CF1 nor the shipping company will be responsible for any damage or loss in shipment. Refund will not be issued on returned merchandise that was damaged on the way back to the warehouse. In such case, the customer will have to claim against the shipping company through which the merchandise was shipped.

Please follow these steps, if you wish to return an item:

Contact us and request an RMA form within 30 calendar days from the date order was place or 14 of order delivered. Make sure the form is completely filled out and all product details are explicitly explained, attach any photos with clear visibility on what you’re stating is wrong. Please submit the RMA form and any other necessary paperwork to Phantom CF1, via email. Please allow 7 business days for Phantom CF1 to review your request. Upon approval, the buyer will receive a RMA number to put on the shipping label. The buyer is given 7 calendar days to get the package to the warehouse. Once the return has been accepted, a refund will be issued using the payment method provided during purchase. The amount refunded will be the price of the product minus the following fees restocking, cancelation, shipping and handling costs. In the result, that the refund amount does not cover the fees, Phantom CF1 reserves the right to charge the remainder of the costs to buyer’s credit card.

When the buyer returns the product, the buyer is fully responsible for shipping the product back to our location without any scratches or damages or any refund will be denied. Please be aware that all shipping companies charge for storage for uncollected items, Phantom CF1 will add the charges to the shipping costs. Unpaid storage fees will be charged to your credit card if deemed necessary. It will typically take 5 to 7 business days for the refund amount to show up in your account. A refund will only be issued if the product cannot be replaced, and thus, cannot be exchanged. Shipping fees and deposits are again considered nonrefundable.

Buyer must verify and provided correct shipping and contact information during the purchase. Once a shipment has left our warehouse, the buyer is responsible for any name and address change, charges will apply for re-shipping, freight line storage fees due to contact or address errors. Phantom CF1 will only be held responsible for any fees incurred for an error on our end. Lastly, order confirmations are generated and sent via email address provided. If the buyer has not received an order confirmation, contact us immediately for an additional copy sent to the correct email address.

Payment: All orders must be prepaid before shipment of any and all products. All orders must be prepaid by money orders, certified personal checks, cashier's checks, and credit cards (Visa/MasterCard /Discover). No COD (cash on delivery) in any form will be allowed. All personal or company checks must clear first before your order is processed. The payment by check may delay any shipping of the buyer’s order. A $50.00 service charge for all return checks will apply. International orders must be prepaid in US dollars. All items held by deposits become Phantom CF1’s property if not claimed after 30 days. A product is considered unclaimed when the product is completed but has a remainder balance. Phantom CF1 acknowledges the receipt of all orders, parts, and/or vehicles in satisfactory condition.

Back Orders: If the product is in stock, order will ship the next business day. However, if the products are not in stock, the order will be placed on backorder, and will ship as soon as the product becomes available. Varying on product production, back orders may take anywhere from 1 to 8 weeks. If you would like to cancel your back order, there will be a 35% cancellation fee. Most back orders take 1 week to fill. Special or custom made orders on back orders may not be canceled. Most special or custom made order products take 1 to 6 weeks to fill. A Phantom CF1 Sales Rep will contact you if your order is on back order, there will be no refund on the deposit, and your order will be shipped as soon as it becomes available. Phantom CF1 reserves the right to hold orders until the item is restocked.

Cancellations & Refusals: All cancellations prior to shipping are subject to a 35% cancellation fee and forfeit of any deposit made on the order. Any cancellation after an order has shipped, such as a refused shipment, is considered as a Return. Any refund is subject to a 35% restocking fee and shipping both ways and handling charges will be deducted from any refund and if necessary we will charge the additional balance to your credit card.

Price Policies: Phantom CF1 sell products to the buyer at prices established by Phantom CF1 and are subject to change without notice prior to finalizing the Purchase Order established by Phantom CF1 as herein above provided. Should any orders be scheduled for shipment more than 60 days after the date hereof, Phantom CF1 reserves the right to invoice the order based on the price prevailing on the date of shipment. Unless otherwise agreed in writing by Phantom CF1. Prices quoted to the buyer by seller are exclusive of any applicable state, national, and local taxes, custom duties, imposts, packaging, handling expenses, and freight, trans-shipment and insurance charges all which shall be the responsibility of buyer. Phantom CF1 does deal wholesale business within a full time retail establishment that contains a State Resale Permit; and a City and County license for nationwide wholesale and retailer and certain proof of establishments of business in certain countries for any international buyer.

Acceptance of purchase orders: Each Purchase Order placed with Phantom CF1 shall be subject to acceptance by the company. Acceptance will be deemed to occur only upon execution by Phantom CF1, of an invoice of order in question. In the event of any conflict or other inconsistency between the provisions hereof and any Purchase Order, the provisions hereof shall govern in all respects and any conflicting or consistent provisions in said order shall be deemed null and void and without effect.

Off-Road Product Disclosure: All engine modification parts legal in some parts of the United States for racing and off-road purposes only, may never be used upon a public highway. Most parts have been designed and are intended for off-road use only. Federal and many State laws prohibit the removal, modification, or rendering inoperable of any device using or element of design affecting vehicle emission or safety in a vehicle used on a public highways. Buyers are responsible to check their local and state laws regarding use of such products. If such laws are violated, in which the buyer is present in will be subject to fines and/or penalties issued by the local or state government.

Force Majeure: Phantom CF1 shall be excused from liability for unusual delays or failure to deliver or fill any order where caused by acts of God, strikes, labor difficulties, fires, floods, accidents, allocation controls, defaults of common carries including shortage of trucks or any other means of transportation, fuels, materials, labor, other cause beyond Phantom CF1's reasonable control or any loss or damage that arises.Seller will have the additional option, in the event of occurrence of any of the above contingencies, to cancel any sales agreement, or any portion thereof, without resulting liability.

Phantom CF1 LLC. reserves the right to change its terms and conditions at any time with or without prior notice. Phantom CF1 is not responsible for any typo, photography and price error. Please check back frequently to be informed of any changes. By purchasing through Phantom CF1 you agree to these terms and conditions.